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Why Use a UK Sperm bank

Why Use a UK Sperm bank?

When it comes to UK patients choosing a sperm bank for their fertility treatment, many often weigh up

the pros and cons of sourcing sperm locally or going abroad for alternatives.

Dependent on location, sperm banks may have different rules and responsibilities, and even then one

must consider what governing body they are moderated by. Subsequently, these factors can bear great

significance for sperm donors and recipients of donor sperm alike. There’s lots to consider, and with the

research beginning to pile up, things can get a bit stressful.

So we’ve got to ask: why search abroad for a sperm donor? There’s a perfectly suitable reserve right

here in the capital!

Still not convinced? Well here are 5 reasons why, when looking for sperm, the UK has the best to offer:


1.    High Standards

The HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) only regulates UK clinics and has no

jurisdiction overseas. The basic standard for any clinics operating under the HFEA is very high.

The HFEA also ensures that all information from sperm banks is impeccably accurate. You can be

assured that any UK clinic with a HFEA licence has a guaranteed seal of quality and service.

2.    Choosing Donors from abroad? Do your research!

One day, your children will become adults, and they might become curious as to their origin. In

the UK, donor anonymity has been changed: now when a child conceived with donor sperm

turns 18 years old, they are entitled to know the identity of the donor for social or medical

reasons. This may not be the case in other countries. Whilst many EU clinics operate under the

EU Tissues and Cells Directive, this doesn’t assure universal laws for things like donor anonymity.

These rules vary greatly from country to country, so be sure to do your research if using sperm

from abroad.

3.   Screening Regulations

All UK sperm banks are required to screen sperm donors for genetic diseases like Cystic Fibrosis,

and sexually transmittable diseases like HIV or Chlamydia. This is to make sure there isn’t

anything that could put the recipient or child’s health at risk.

4.   Background checks

The information provided by UK sperm banks is checked and moderated by the HFEA to make

sure that no details relevant to the donor’s medical history, or their characteristics, are omitted.

At the London Sperm Bank we check our donor’s identification in addition to this, so we can

make sure they are who they say they are. In many places overseas it is seen as good practice to

do this, but in the UK it is mandatory. All our information is double witnessed and recorded by

our staff, before being sent straight to the HFEA.

We also take special care to make sure our donor profiles paint the clearest possible picture,

including everything from physical attributes, to achievements and staff impressions. We do this

in the hope that our recipients can make the most informed choice regarding a donor’s

attributes. Using a HFEA licensed sperm bank ensures that clinics have accountability of the

information they provide to recipients.

5. The Right Stuff!

It is a myth that UK sperm donors are paid ‘handsomely’ for their donation. Whilst out of pocket

expenses i.e. travel to the bank are paid, sperm donors in the UK donate with one thing in mind:

altruism. This should reassure many looking for sperm in the UK that their donor is willing to

donate out of good will, fully aware of his rights and responsibilities. At the London Sperm Bank,

we have mandatory counselling before any sperm donation, just to make sure the guys know

exactly where they stand when it comes to the bigger picture – it’s what’s helped us build a

community of happy, proud donors.

Selecting a sperm donor is no simple task. There’s enough to think about concerning a donor’s physical appearance without having to learn lots of new legislation about sperm from overseas. At least what you’ve read above lets you know where you stand when it comes to using sperm from a UK bank – it’s a decision you will cherish for life, so take your time and choose well.