Dedicated recruiters

At The London Sperm Bank we understand the importance of choosing a donor that’s right for you. That’s why our specialist donor recruiters are dedicated to providing women with a wide range of donors from a variety of different backgrounds.  We understand the importance of selecting a donor as part of your treatment and have specialist dedicated recruiters to ensure that women are empowered with a large selection of donors. 


We have a targeted approach to recruiting and sourcing donors ensuring the right caliber of donors are recruited - donors that are altruistic, smart, dedicated to the programme and from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds

Proactive not reactive

Our proactive recruitment approach to donor recruitment as oppose to a reactive approach ensures that new donors are recruited every month. 


Our dedicated team adjusts its recruitment programme to meet our patients’ requirements.  Our team has the flexibility of changing recruitment requirements/needs to meet patient demands.


Specialist donor recruiters work with our team of doctors, nurses, scientists and counsellors to find out what motivates each individual to donate and to gain an insight into their personality.

People - not just sperm!

All our donors undergo an extra level of screening in addition to their medical screening tests. Our donor recruitment team is trained in finding out donor personalities, interests, hobbies and those attributes that make them human. 

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