Donor 1365

Donor Attributes
Alerts CMV Negative Donor
Race Mixed Race
Ethnic Origin English/Tanzanian
Ethnicity of Mother English
Ethnicity of Father Tanzanian
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Skin Tone Light / Fair
Height (cm) 182
Weight (kg) 65
Highest Qualification A Levels (Maths & Science)
Occupation Student (BEng Engineering)
Religion None
Nationality British
Pregnancy/Live Birth Yes

Our Impression

"A straight talking extrovert donor with a passion for all things outdoors. This donor joined the program to ‘spread his genes’ as he is unsure of having children of his own; he instead preferred to help those who would benefit using his donations to achieve their wish of building a family. His beautiful light fair/tan skin tone complements his blue eyes and dark brown gelled spiky hair do. Very talkative, happy and cheerful this donor attended the donor bank in high spirits; he carries a vibrant personality."

Medical Information

Blood type: O Rhesus Positive
Allergies: Banana
Infectious screening tests: HIV I/II, HTLV I/II, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis B Core, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, CMV, Trichomonas, Gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia 
Genetic screening tests: Chromosome Analysis and Cystic Fibrosis [32 mutations tested]
Additional screening tests: Sickle Cell


Interests & hobbies: Adventurous Pursuits, Kayaking & Scuba Diving
Skills: Cooking, Programming & Jitsu
Pen Sketch Available: Yes
Extended Profile Available: No