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Occupation: Fitness and Wellbeing

Donor 1322

Donor Attributes
Alerts CMV Negative Donor
Alerts Restricted Donor
Race Black
Ethnic Origin Caribbean
Ethnicity of Father Caribbean
Ethnicity of Mother Caribbean
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black
Skin Tone Black - Medium
Height (cm) 190
Weight (kg) 98
Highest Qualification BA Philosophy
Occupation Recruitment Consultant
Religion Atheist
Nationality British

Donor 91

Donor Attributes
Alerts Restricted Donor
Race Asian
Ethnic Origin Indian
Ethnicity of Mother Indian
Ethnicity of Father Indian
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black
Skin Tone Medium
Height (cm) 170cm
Weight (kg) 73kg
Highest Qualification Post Graduate Diploma
Additional Qualifications Bachelor's Degree in physiotherapy
Occupation Physiotherapist
Religion Hindu
Nationality Indian
Pregnancy/Live Birth Yes