Who can use London Sperm Bank Services?

From the 18th of May 2015 anyone can order donor sperm from the London Sperm Bank. You must be a patient at a UK licensed clinic and have a treatment plan in place before purchasing donor sperm from the catalogue.

How much donor sperm can I order?

According to UK law Sperm procured from UK based donors may be used to create up to 10 families within the UK. As an HFEA licensed sperm bank we are obligated to ensure that this limit is not infringed.  To help us monitor donor family limits, you are only permitted to order one donor at a time which is sufficient for one treatment cycle.

When should I order donor sperm?

Your order should be completed at least 4 weeks before the intended treatment date. Any later than this we cannot guarantee that your order will be delivered in time for treatment.  

We will accept your order for donor sperm only once you have completed our online registration process. The registration process is only complete, once we have received confirmation from an HFEA licensed clinic or accredited overseas clinic that you are
registered for treatment there.  You must also have attended your treating clinic for a consultation and have a treatment plan/date in place.

I have placed my order but I have not received a reply?

You should receive an automated email after placing your order.  If you do not receive this, please check your junk mail box first and then contact 020 3826 3217 for further assistance. 

Can my partner use the same donor for her treatment?

Yes, it is possible for you to reserve the same donor for future siblings once you have an ongoing pregnancy with a confirmed fetal heartbeat.  Either you or your partner can use the reserved donor, however, it might be advisable for you not to go through treatment at the same time to reduce the strain on both of you during your treatments. Separate treatment times would also allow each of you to support one another.

If I get pregnant, can I reserve the same sperm donor for a future sibling?

You may order Sperm for sibling treatment by ordering from the LSB online catalogue or contacting us on  prior to embarking on treatment preparation.  However, we cannot guarantee the availability of the Sperm for sibling treatment.

Where you have embryos in storage that have been created from Sperm from a previous treatment cycle, you should order the same donor again and discuss this with your treating clinic.

There is an annual charge (or part of) for the storage of purchased sibling Sperm at LSB. Please refer to our current price list.

If I am not successful in my treatment, can I have the same donor again in the future?

Possibly, however, availability of a sperm donor is dependent on the number of samples that remain in stock and also the number of patients who have been successful with this donor which can change on a daily basis.

The donor I ordered last time is no longer there, why?

If the donor you used for your previous treatment is no longer on the LSB catalogue this means that either there are no further samples available for use or that the donor has reached his total pregnancy quota of 10 families.  Sometimes, donors decide to consent to fewer than 10 families too and are legally entitled to withdraw from the programme before samples are used.

Availability of a sperm donor is also dependent on the number of samples that remain in stock and also the number of patients who have been successful with this donor which can change on a daily basis.  If the same donor is not available, please browse through the catalogue again and choose the next best available match. 

What screening do the donors undergo?

All LSB donors are carefully selected according to the rules laid out by the British Andrology Society (BAS), the British Fertility Society (BFS) and the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). The laboratory processes involved in the storage of the sperm samples also comply with the EU Tissue Directive (EUTD).  

All donors must attend an interview with the recruitment team as well as complete a detailed medical with our doctor. They are also required to complete a full set of consent forms including HFEA ID Registration, Consent to Donation and Consent to Disclosure.  All donors are screened for infectious and genetic disease and must provide detailed medical history of all their family members including siblings, aunts, parents and grandparents. Click here for a full list of the screening tests completed.  

Counselling is offered to all our donors to discuss the wider implications of their decision to become a donor now and in the future, for them and their wider family including their own children.

All samples are quarantined post donation and not released for use until the donor returns after six months to repeat infectious screening tests.  Donors will not appear on the catalogue until all screening tests are complete and satisfactory.

Are the donor's details available to my child when they grow up?

When your child reaches the age of 16 years old, he/she can contact the HFEA to request non-identifying information about the donor that was used for his/her mother's treatment.  At this time, your child may also request information about other children (half siblings) who have been born to other families using the same donor.

When your child reaches the age of 18 years old, he/she is entitled to request from the HFEA identifying information about the donor.  This information will include the donors full name, date of birth and last known address.

What is a pen sketch and when can I see it?

Some donors provide a "pen sketch" which you can request from us or the HFEA. The intention of the pen sketch is to enable you to hold information about the donor that you may find helpful when talking to your child about his/her donor.

The pen sketch is very individual and may vary between donors in both length and content.  Some donors find the task of writing about themselves difficult and they may decide not to provide a pen sketch at all whereas others are perfectly happy to write accounts of their feelings.

Some donors may also lodge additional identifying information about themselves with the HFEA.  This will be given to the donor conceived person when they reach the age of 18 years old.  Please visit the HFEA website for more information

Donors who have completed a pen sketch are clearly stated on each donor’s profile. 

What is a staff impression?

Our staff members have put together a short description of the donor after getting to know them over the months they have spent on the programme.

We gratefully acknowledge the commitment that all of our donors make to our programme.  As well as going through rigorous blood tests (a strict requirement for all our donors) our donors must attend twice a week often spending their lunch hour or time before and after work at the sperm bank. 

This means we get to know our donors well and can vouch for their varying personalities, sense of humour and above all their kind nature and dedication to the programme. 

What is an extended profile?

All donors on the LSB catalogue have the same level of commitment and have undergone the same HFEA recruitment requirements including a meticulous screening and testing process. 

Our newly recruited donors are now able to provide additional information including a personality test, a family tree and an enhanced self-summary, should they wish to.  In the future, this option will be available for all historical donors that have completed the programme. Donors with extended profiles are clearly marked on their profile page. 

What personality test does the donor complete?

The London Sperm Bank’s bespoke personality test has been designed based on the Holland code.   

The Holland Code

Dr. John Holland was a psychologist and career theorist who came up with a system of arranging careers and jobs into six categories. His theory was that an individual’s skills, traits, and talents could be classified into six categories, and could provide information about the kinds of jobs or careers that might be good fits.


Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional

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