Looking for donor sperm?

We’re ready when you are.  The London Sperm Bank is the largest sperm bank in the UK with donors recruited from a variety of cultures, religions and sections of the community. 

Before ordering your donor sperm you must be registered as a patient at a HFEA licensed clinic.

Step 1: Register online with The London Sperm Bank

To register please click "Login" and follow the onscreen instructions. Your account will be instantly activated upon successful registration.  Once your account is activated, you will be able to place an order with us. Please order your donor sperm at least 2 weeks before DAY 1 of the cycle you wish to have treatment. Orders placed after this date may be subject to a late order fee.

Please note your clinic may postpone treatment if your donor sperm is not ordered in time. 

Step 2: Select your donor online

To place your order, login and then search and choose your donor. When you have found the donor of your choice please select “add to order” and “follow on screen prompts to check out”. Please note that you will only be able to purchase one donor for each treatment cycle. We will ensure that you have sufficient ampules.

As part of the checkout process, you will be prompted to select the clinic that you will be having treatment. Once you have selected your clinic, please enter your billing address. Please agree to the terms and conditions and confirm your order. You will then be prompted to pay for your order online. 

Step 3: Order verification and delivery

You will receive an automated email to confirm that we have received your order.  However to complete the order process, we will get in touch with your clinic to verify your details and to confirm delivery. If we have any problems verifying your details with your clinic we will let you know.  Once we have confirmation from your clinic of your pending treatment, you will receive an email from us with a consent form attached. Please print, sign, date and return the form either by email or by post within 5 days as stated on the consent form. We will then arrange delivery to your clinic.  

Orders will be dispatched no later than 7 days from when completion of the order process and receipt of your completed consent form. 

For help with the order process contact us on 020 3826 3217.



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