About us

The London Sperm Bank(LSB) was established to address the acute shortage of donated sperm in the UK. With support from a wide range of altruistic men, we are proud that we are now the largest provider of donor sperm in the UK.  

Patients treated at the London Women’s Clinics in London, Cardiff, Darlington and the Bridge Centre have all benefited from excellent service and high quality sperm. From Monday 18th May 2015 our generous stocks of screened sperm will become available to patients at HFEA licensed clinics throughout the country.

Who we are

The London Sperm Bank, previously the Dr Louis Hughes sperm bank, established in 1976, joined forces with the London Women’s Clinic sperm bank in 2010. Our dedicated team has many years’ experience working within infertility.

The London Sperm Bank is fully licensed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (L/0011/19) and is compliant with the EU Tissue & Cells Directives. We are ISO 9001: 2008 certified, so patients using the LSB can thus be assured of the highest standards of quality care within a contemporary, central and fully regulated environment.



Safe selection and screening

The London Sperm Bank understands the importance of choosing a donor who is right for each individual patient. That’s why specialist donor recruiters aim to provide a wide range of donors from a variety of different backgrounds.

Aside from the mandatory HFEA requirements, all donors undergo additional medical screening tests and the donor recruitment team is trained to find out about donor personalities, interests, hobbies and those qualities which make them human.

Thus, we don’t just ‘recruit’ donors, we welcome and nurture them. Our approach is the key to our successful programme. 

Our Seven promises to our customers:

1. Extensive choice of motivated UK recruited donors

2. Screening of all donors over and above HFEA requirements

3. Quality of sperm compliant with UK and European Guidelines

4. Additional information on all donors to enhance basic characteristics 

5. Traceability of UK recruited donors in accordance with HFEA regulations

6. Prompt delivery by an international vetted courier with tracking available

7. Competitive and transparent pricing


Company Details

London Sperm Bank Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with registration number 05925090.  Find out more about us by downloading our new brochure below.